How to Reset Your Invicta Watches’ Quartz Chronograph

If you have Invicta watches in collection, but still lack of knowledge of how to reset the dial hand to the proper position. I am going to guide you through steps by steps. Actually, resetting Invicta watches is not complicated at all. If you are new to Invicta, but intend to buy one in near future, here is the ultimate review for Invicta watches, a perfect 2018 buying guide for Invicta from IWR group.

how to reset Invicta watches

I am here today to help you reset your Invicta chronograph. We have to make sure that you have the right watch from Invicta. This is going to help you and it is a very simple procedure. Generally speaking, the Invicta model has to be a quartz watch in this tutorial.

How do you know it that your watch is the one that we are looking for? Actually, it has the three little dials right there in the middle. The Invicta watches with that feature show that they are quartz watch. It is very simple.

All we are going to do at first step is to unscrew the crown. That means that you are going to turn the crown towards you and turn it until it opens up completely. Once it opens up, you put it in the third position, meaning in the second click. So, you are going to go one two, very simple.

The second step is to push and hold the two pushers A and B for two seconds.This is going to take the sweeping long second hand and take it all the way around 360 degree. Then it stops. Once it stops, all you have to do is to push the pushers in increments. This will bring that long sweeping hand back to the original 12 position.

Great! Now, we come to the step three. This step is going to be the one tenth of a second dial which is all the way on the bottom, so all we have to do is to push A or B in once. This will switch the mode from the long sweeping hand to the one tenth of the second dial. We try to push and move in the increments of that little hand. You just keep pushing it until it goes to the 12 clock position.

Now, we are going to do step four. This step is very simple because we have already done the step above, the exactly same. We are going from the one tenth of a second dial to the 12 hour dial and 30 minutes dial. It is twelve hours on the inside and thirty minutes on the outside.Then pusher B switch the mode.

Once we are in the other mode, we are going to do the same thing with pusher A. We are trying to push it until the hand goes back to the twelve or the twelve position.

Well, great, I hope this was very useful guide for you to reset your Invicta chronograph. It is great watch I have one in my collection.

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