A Room to Show Fashion Jewelry on Trend

The Jewelry Room has a great selection of fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry covers a wide selection of different jewelry and styles.

Our fantastic ranges include handmade glass and pearl jewelry from DeLange. The colors in this range are fantastic and are made up of the latest fashion jewelry. It is distinctive and original jewelry that is created using quality materials and each piece is different. Fashion jewelry has taken a different turn in recent years as people demand higher quality and this is reflected in the Delange designs.

We also support local designers Red Rabbit who design and make their own fashion jewelry. Their range is more muted in color using hematite and rose quartz. It has become a popular range in The Jewellery Room.

Our fashion jewelry also includes our silver range. We have a big range from 925 which is very popular and always in the front line of fashion jewelry. They keep up to date with fashion and keep the price down by getting their designs made in South America.

We also stock many handmade pieces by the designer from all over the country. Their designs although contemporary are always at the front of fashion jewelry. The prices reflect that the pieces are handmade but this makes them unique and people are happy to pay for something more individual.

Fashion jewelry reflects many tastes and styles and we are proud to supply the different ranges of fashion jewelry in our shop and on our website.

Apart from fashion jewelry, we also give professional tips to help users maintain and care their valuable fashion and costume jewelry. We have been doing fashion jewelry business for over 10 years. We have an experienced team consisting of expert and technicians which can help jewelry lovers with the best tips and information.

We will regularly publish well-researched information articles on the website, so as to help visitors solve their specific problem and fashion style needs. Please stay with us.